Saturday, September 11, 2010


i must admit that lately, youtube has been stiff (no pun or double entendre intended, i mean, youtube is not tube8, after all... what?) competition for the tv in recent months and you can get a bit of a taste for what i mean in the new links blog if you have the time (all we need are a few hundred hours in each day and a few hundred more years in each life, aye?)... even as i considered all the shows i might want to watch if i am home in front of the tv, the computer sits right next to the chair and often shares my attention and more often lately replaces the tv after prime time (thought there is still a bit of a draw for some celebs on letterman and craig, well, if he was on earlier i'd watch regularly, but many nights when i am awake past prime time {which is most}, youtube has me turning the tv off, especially past 2:07am (and that's what i learned on the show tonight, craig)...

snarf :)

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