Monday, December 4, 2017


Why in all the logical progression of the Star Trek stories does Discovery resort (revert?) to referencing souls?. Throughout the series the writers were always very philosophical, virtually agnostic. They pointed out how so many different species have so many god concepts just as so many different civilizations on Earth have ad and still have so many different god concepts. Yet Discovery poignantly mentions losing souls when people are killed.

That could be a very bad sign.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Strain

The Strain

I never watched it when it was on originally. Maybe because it was on FX and I seem to see FX as a mediocre station. Maybe because I was watching other things at the time. So after running out of shows I wanted to watch on Hulu and with CBS in the summer hiatus mode, I decided to watch The Strain. I guess I was hoping for an intelligent biological sci-fi story based in science.

Sadly disappointed, I find it more like The Walking Dead that I turned off after a few shows.

The arrogant self-important CDC Doctor is a real turn-off and returning to his bottle made him even less fun to watch, but this is enough to to turn off the show. A story seems to want to bring out the worst, rather than the best, in people. A story in which all of the characters, the good and the bad, turn into the same sort of killing machines leaves little hope for humanity and offers no redeeming qualities.

For the moment, it's not even worth any more time here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

New Space Again

Watching Legion tonight. I like the music made by the group called Legion, but they are two different experiences and I am enjoying the TV show. The opening of the fourth episode was interesting. Empathy vs Fear. Enjoying the ride so far.

Meanwhile, in this new space (different from the last new space, but in some ways the same), I don't watch as much TV. I work full time now, leaving a lot less TV time. Mostly it is the same shows, with a few new ones. I am marking this time here for when I have the time to cull through the listings to list what I watch here.

Missing a TV watching friend.
and chapter five held a sweet surprise
that woke up something deep inside
the child still wonders what is real
when we are not afraid to feel
remembering the fine line between fantasy and reality
in the magic of believing, anything can be

Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Space, New Shows

Ok, so I moved from one space to another space and it is less comfortable in most ways and less private so I use headphones. CBS All Access and Hulu provide the TV entertainment. Also, just found The Office online and may get into it. On CBS there are the long time favorites, all the NCIS and spin-offs, Criminal Minds and spin-offs, and then Bull, Brain Dead, Doubt, Pure Genius, Training Day and more. Hulu has Bones, 12 Monkeys, Blindspot, and lots more.

Maybe I'll list them all someday.