Sunday, January 4, 2015

college football 2015

watching the college football bowl games and playoffs i am once again amazed at how some teams cheat and get away with it, especially the big money teams... watching florida play it is too obvious that they commit penalties on every play and the difference this year and last year is they are getting called on those penalties... they appear to be taught to cheat, it is so consistent... on goal line runs they will grab a facemask or on break away pass plays they will hold the receiver and their offensive line gets away with holding almost every play... the same thing happens for alabama and other big name schools, but more than anywhere else, the sec conference is where i see the ridiculous unfairness most... the ncaa may be hearing that from enough people who actually pay attention to the details of every play as this year the bias toward the big names and sec has not been as universal, though it is still evident... other than the politics and economics, the college seasons has been interesting and when i forget the violence, fun to watch... amazing how the mind can compartmentalize to enjoy life...

10 easiest AQ non-conference schedules

ACC NC State: Old Dominion, Georgia Southern, USF, Presbyterian
SEC Vanderbilt: Temple, UMass, Charleston Southern, Old Dominion
SEC Mississippi State: Southern Miss, UAB, at South Alabama, UT-Martin
SEC Alabama: West Virginia, Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, Western Carolina
SEC Florida: Idaho, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Kentucky, at Florida State
P12 Arizona State: Weber State, at New Mexico, Notre Dame
ACC Duke: Elon, at Troy, Kansas, Tulane
E Pittsburgh: Delaware, at Florida International, Iowa, Akron
B12 Texas Tech: Central Arkansas, at UTEP, Arkansas
Colorado: Colorado State, at UMass, Hawaii

and the toughest non-conference schedules?... well, Missouri is still old school and has not yet gotten into the sec ways of cheating and taking the easiest path so we might say they don't count... and everyone faulted florida state (personally they were amazing to go all season until the playoffs without a loss as they had to be near perfect in the fourth quarter to get there and they weren't against a great oregon team) all year yet they chose three teams that were supposed to be ranked and just one cupcake which put them on this list...

10 toughest AQ non-conference schedules

B12 Texas: North Texas, BYU, UCLA
B12 Iowa State: North Dakota State, at Iowa, Toledo
ACC West Virginia: Alabama, Towson, at Maryland
P12 USC: Fresno State, at Boston College, Notre Dame
SEC Missouri: South Dakota State, at Toledo, UCF, Indiana
B12 Oklahoma State: Florida State, Missouri State, UTSA
ACC Florida State: Oklahoma State, The Citadel, Notre Dame, Florida
ACC North Carolina: Liberty, San Diego State, at East Carolina, at Notre Dame
B10 Minnesota: Eastern Illinois, Middle Tennessee, at TCU, San Jose State
B10 Ohio State: Navy, Virginia Tech, Kent State, Cincinnati

this may have been a meaningless complaint after all lol lam narf :)