Wednesday, December 16, 2015

not so background these days

While I still am usually on the web while the TV is on, especially if I am watching TV with commercial breaks or sports, recently TV has moved into a prominent role in this life as I've not been working and my long-time best friend and roommate is moving out and I'm stressing over money so TV is providing mindless distractions and stories and characters that take me away (without the Calgone... who says I never watch commericals lol). The shows watched most are DVRed and listed on the right. I am sad that I will soon not have a TV-watching partner (she is usually on her phone browsing while watching... we must both have ADD lol). Anybody interested in the shows I watch? :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

fall 2015, sort of

sort of watching limitless, do you ask yourself how can they not be watching their guinea pig like a hawk 24/7? or in other words, how can they not know he is meeting with other people while working on top secret cases?... makes no sense, unless they do know and are waiting... other new (and a few old returning) shows on in the background include minority report, heroes reborn, blindspot, rosewood, quantico, haven, scorpion, castle, dr. who, bones and the fall season is just kind of starting, i think... so many scared people in panic mode on tv these days... so many sad people in crisis... so many people so serious, so concerned, so dramatic... and the details, so many conveniently overlooked when they are obvious when any small detail could change everything, save or destroy the world, make it all good or bad, gotta have the drama... living on the edge of emotion is what tv is about these days... or is that just what i choose to keep on in the background?... what about you, what do you think, feel, see, when you watch tv?...

so there's sex and violence and all sort of extremes of drama that anyone can buy into with a little imagination and willingness to overlook a logic flaw or few... the perfect recipe for anyone seeking distraction, if you are willing to overlook a logic flaw or few... of course those of us who see the logic flaws can put it in the picture and multi-layer the distraction by analyzing the storyline from an art-class perspective while continuing to indulge the story for the roller coaster of emotional distraction it can be even in the background as the babbling continues to record the awareness of the distraction as if avoiding the reason the distraction (who knows, loneliness, pain, loss, suffering, fear, illness, whatever) doesn't even exist...

What?... you mean you just watch tv?...

narf :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

things we don't know?

as i may have mentioned (recently, even), i generally take the history channel with a truckload of salt as way too many things i have seen on it are over-dramatized and ridiculously provocative pandering to the fears and accident-gawking tendencies of current human conciousness... whether 10 things you don't know about is purely that sort of bather or whether there is fact within the dramatic presentation is not clear as far as i know, but it definitely presents some interesting premises along the way... like the show on mormons that claims the book of mormon really claim that the ancestors of the native peoples of the lands called the americas were actually jewish as in the lost tribe of isreal?... as expected, religious wars happen... but there are a lot of curiously dramatic presentations of facts in the series that could provike interesting conversation among open minds (or violent debaste between closed minds)... naturally, it's a human thing... so what else is new?...

Monday, June 8, 2015

low quality confusion

the history channels are so patronizing... pandering... condescending... stupid... aliens, prophesy, religious dogma, zombies, pawn stars, swamp people, and pickers?... the nba finals are sloppy and boring once again... golden state played a mediocre game one and won going away in overtime... golden state played a very poor game two and lost in overtime by giving the ball away a few times in the final minutes after coming back 13-4 in the final few minutes of regulation... and the cleveland coach says they are up against a very good defensive team?... golden state was standing around like spectators on the floor all game... the only chance cleveland has is if golden state goes to sleep on the court the way they did in the second game and plays the worst games they've played all season three more times out of the next five games... the refs do seem to be allowing them to play street ball and they did not do what they've done the past few years, which was give lebron special treatment, but once again, it looks scripted to prevent a sweep and make for excitement that had to be fabricated - or golden state is not nearly as good as they are touted to be... boring to watch such poor execution in a championship final... meanwhile, the science channel seems to have a different definition of the word science than i do... they should rename the science channel the freak show channel... the discovery channel is about the same... that's why tv is on in the background much more than as an actual focus of attention...

i do enjoy some of the shows listed on the right, mostly as escapism, but ultimately, the bulk of tv is over-acted low quality confusion and pandering to human fears, delusions, and egocentric stupidity... what is sadder than the fare shown on the tube is the way so many people seem to soak it up as actual knowledge or meaningful experiences or even, reality...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

new snl

i watched a while, strike, strike, strike, strike, strike... no, it wasn't a bowling tournament... it was consistently striking out and unimpressive to the point of annoyance until a tv reviewer from the 1700's came along and gave it a bit of life... so far it is not something i will tune into again unless i am just channel surfing out of boredom... they've got another half hour to impress me or at least to show me why tuning in is not a waste of time... woah, it just got stupid... i mean, it was bland and trying way too hard, but the smart neighbor bit, that was just stupid... the biggest challenge to snl is the skit-commercial format... boring or stupid skits betweem very long commercial breaks and teeny-bop music doesn't hold the interest... carly rae jepsen wasn't bad, but the show needed a whole lot more... the snl i fell in love with had talent busting at the seams on so many levels, including musical guests that left you wondering how in the world a tv show got them on tv... i mean, they almost got the beatles back together, but john and paul were just too stoned to get in a cab... seriously, the rolling stones, u2, simon & garfinkel, the kinks, aerosmith, the grateful dead, queen, the band, the eagles, springsteen, jackson browne, prince, george harrison, radiohead, david bowie, nirvana, pearl jam, joe cocker, elvis costello, bob dylan, seriously, are music legends showing up today?... even if they did though, the writing is so weak... but still, sometimes i miss new york...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

tv and me

this entry will sort of summarize but mostly list the tv shows currently on the dvr and the tube most as memory can recall... ncis (wiki, wikia) has become like family in spite of the theme and macho patriotic tones that perpetuate fear, hate, and war within us and all around us... dr. who (usa, youtube, wiki, wikia, wikia 2) has risen from etended family to close family mostly due to jenna (wiki)... and just like that i am tired of linking (though i like the idea of a comprehensive linage page of all the shows i want to research or remember) and thinking about which shows i dvr and watch so the fifteen minutes are up... reference, get it?... tv generation attention span... more later if this wort of motivation returns... until then, see the right side lists... or watch your tv, it's always on in the background, after all...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

college football 2015

watching the college football bowl games and playoffs i am once again amazed at how some teams cheat and get away with it, especially the big money teams... watching florida play it is too obvious that they commit penalties on every play and the difference this year and last year is they are getting called on those penalties... they appear to be taught to cheat, it is so consistent... on goal line runs they will grab a facemask or on break away pass plays they will hold the receiver and their offensive line gets away with holding almost every play... the same thing happens for alabama and other big name schools, but more than anywhere else, the sec conference is where i see the ridiculous unfairness most... the ncaa may be hearing that from enough people who actually pay attention to the details of every play as this year the bias toward the big names and sec has not been as universal, though it is still evident... other than the politics and economics, the college seasons has been interesting and when i forget the violence, fun to watch... amazing how the mind can compartmentalize to enjoy life...

10 easiest AQ non-conference schedules

ACC NC State: Old Dominion, Georgia Southern, USF, Presbyterian
SEC Vanderbilt: Temple, UMass, Charleston Southern, Old Dominion
SEC Mississippi State: Southern Miss, UAB, at South Alabama, UT-Martin
SEC Alabama: West Virginia, Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, Western Carolina
SEC Florida: Idaho, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Kentucky, at Florida State
P12 Arizona State: Weber State, at New Mexico, Notre Dame
ACC Duke: Elon, at Troy, Kansas, Tulane
E Pittsburgh: Delaware, at Florida International, Iowa, Akron
B12 Texas Tech: Central Arkansas, at UTEP, Arkansas
Colorado: Colorado State, at UMass, Hawaii

and the toughest non-conference schedules?... well, Missouri is still old school and has not yet gotten into the sec ways of cheating and taking the easiest path so we might say they don't count... and everyone faulted florida state (personally they were amazing to go all season until the playoffs without a loss as they had to be near perfect in the fourth quarter to get there and they weren't against a great oregon team) all year yet they chose three teams that were supposed to be ranked and just one cupcake which put them on this list...

10 toughest AQ non-conference schedules

B12 Texas: North Texas, BYU, UCLA
B12 Iowa State: North Dakota State, at Iowa, Toledo
ACC West Virginia: Alabama, Towson, at Maryland
P12 USC: Fresno State, at Boston College, Notre Dame
SEC Missouri: South Dakota State, at Toledo, UCF, Indiana
B12 Oklahoma State: Florida State, Missouri State, UTSA
ACC Florida State: Oklahoma State, The Citadel, Notre Dame, Florida
ACC North Carolina: Liberty, San Diego State, at East Carolina, at Notre Dame
B10 Minnesota: Eastern Illinois, Middle Tennessee, at TCU, San Jose State
B10 Ohio State: Navy, Virginia Tech, Kent State, Cincinnati

this may have been a meaningless complaint after all lol lam narf :)