Sunday, April 5, 2015

new snl

i watched a while, strike, strike, strike, strike, strike... no, it wasn't a bowling tournament... it was consistently striking out and unimpressive to the point of annoyance until a tv reviewer from the 1700's came along and gave it a bit of life... so far it is not something i will tune into again unless i am just channel surfing out of boredom... they've got another half hour to impress me or at least to show me why tuning in is not a waste of time... woah, it just got stupid... i mean, it was bland and trying way too hard, but the smart neighbor bit, that was just stupid... the biggest challenge to snl is the skit-commercial format... boring or stupid skits betweem very long commercial breaks and teeny-bop music doesn't hold the interest... carly rae jepsen wasn't bad, but the show needed a whole lot more... the snl i fell in love with had talent busting at the seams on so many levels, including musical guests that left you wondering how in the world a tv show got them on tv... i mean, they almost got the beatles back together, but john and paul were just too stoned to get in a cab... seriously, the rolling stones, u2, simon & garfinkel, the kinks, aerosmith, the grateful dead, queen, the band, the eagles, springsteen, jackson browne, prince, george harrison, radiohead, david bowie, nirvana, pearl jam, joe cocker, elvis costello, bob dylan, seriously, are music legends showing up today?... even if they did though, the writing is so weak... but still, sometimes i miss new york...

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