Saturday, July 11, 2015

things we don't know?

as i may have mentioned (recently, even), i generally take the history channel with a truckload of salt as way too many things i have seen on it are over-dramatized and ridiculously provocative pandering to the fears and accident-gawking tendencies of current human conciousness... whether 10 things you don't know about is purely that sort of bather or whether there is fact within the dramatic presentation is not clear as far as i know, but it definitely presents some interesting premises along the way... like the show on mormons that claims the book of mormon really claim that the ancestors of the native peoples of the lands called the americas were actually jewish as in the lost tribe of isreal?... as expected, religious wars happen... but there are a lot of curiously dramatic presentations of facts in the series that could provike interesting conversation among open minds (or violent debaste between closed minds)... naturally, it's a human thing... so what else is new?...

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