Saturday, September 11, 2010

tuesday night crisis

ah, the sarcasm in the title bleeds tears of irony, or something like that... so there we are, shows on tuesday nights that i would probably watch if they weren't on opposite each other and i actually had a hundred hours each day to do all i'd like to do each day... in no particular order at the moment, there's warehouse 13, ncis, and glee and returning for the fall season (probablly bumping warehouse 13 until next season), caprica and star trek: universe (further crossing the same time-space continuum as ncis and glee...

what to do, what to do (snark :)

probably similar crisises (crisises?) on other nights if i research the tv guide, so stay tuned for the dramatic series of nightly tv crisises as the tv blog returns to life for however long it lasts this time, aye? :)

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