Sunday, September 26, 2010

college football

it's not as much fun as it used to be, especially watching along, but that is partially because it is early in the season and i have no ties to any school in particular and i am not playing any fantasy college games and the commercials test my limits for banality and the games are a bit boring cuz some of the popular teams are way overrated (at least in this area) and there is a wonderfully needy doggy begging non-stop for attention and exercise and sitting home along with him means he expects constant interaction and looks so sad when i want to write or watch tv or just close my eyes and relax in the living room, but he is lovable, even as a constant shadow :)

the best thing about the college football saturday was the food, new york deli ordered in by mail for the first time in more than ten years... it was an impulse late thursday night after someone on facebook reminded me that katz's deli on houston did mail order via fedex... the rest of the day was boring blowouts and a few close games where coaches made big mistakes (spurrier putting in a freshman who is not as good a passer as the veteran who was having a great game until the first five minutes of the fourth quarter) for the last two drives of the game when they were eight points behind was just dumb ego and the freshman threw two interceptions to prove the bad coaching move was a bad coaching move)...

and the commercials, sheesh, they are worse than ever... i am obviously watching too much tv lately, so that's gonna change... how have you been? :)

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