Saturday, September 11, 2010

monday night crisis

there used to be heroes on mondays opposite other shows i liked so i have not watched heroes in a couple of seasons, but at the moment the listings for this week do not show the monday night crisis of television that i seem to recall (can we get any more ambivalently dramatic?... whistful must be next, no doubt)... as it stands, there's the closer and rizzoli & ilses which jackson really likes, so that's what we watch cuz even though the lead character in the closer has a personality i would aboid like the plague in real life, i like to share shows and am learning to enjoy the storylines and rizzoli & isles is one i might watch on my own, say in one of the the reruns lists (what?... no sci-fi on mondays?... there was, i swear, and it was why i stopped watching heroes once upon a time... or wait, maybe that was 24... and there is monday night football know and then, cha know... my aged swiss cheese memory is so much fun :)

there is lie to me which i used to watch now and then and i would like to catch in reruns, so there's a bit of crisis for us... stay tuned for the next episode of the monday night crisises, aye? (snarf :)

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