Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fascinated, no doubt

while i am watching tv with half an eye and listening with half an ear and even watching with almost both eyes and listening with both ears more often than i have in a long time because my roommate enjoys tv and i enjoy watching with someone (but we both often are somewhere else on the computers or on the phone during even the shows we both enjoy just the same), i a still only sitting in front of the tv for an hour at most before 11pm and catching up on the shows on the (if i can find time) list when i stay up past midnight and find them on the on-demand channels... i do watch more since re-installing cable, so i'll make a note to myself to find time to come here to relate whatever the tv might inspire in me cuz that's what this blog is about and it exists to continue, not to end in forgotten obscurity... i mean, in case anybody other than me wondered, aye? (smirk snicker nyuk narf)...

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