Sunday, October 30, 2016

Watching The Internet

Between CBS and Hulu I have more TV than I can watch in any given week, but I still miss shows I enjoy on Syfy, BBC America, and some other shows on some other stations. So I looked at the list of shows on the right side of this blog and found that I was able to check out a bunch of the ones on the various check these out lists and haven't taken the time to update those lists but at least I can mention the shows I've been able to check out here. Showing me that it has been a while since I updated, these shows were last year: Wayward Pines (FOX), Primeval: New World (BBC), Last Man on Earth (FOX), Dominion, Almost Human (FOX), Under the Dome (CBS), The Last Ship, The Crazy Ones (CBS), Halt and Catch Fire.

These shows were caught up with recently: 11.22.63, BrainDead (CBS), Chance (Hulu), McGyver (CBS), The Librarians (TNT), Timeless (NBC). All the shows listed in this entry are done or on hiatus or not interesting to me so the current ones I am watching are Chance, McGyver, and Timeless. I think The Last Ship and Halt and Catch Fire will be back.

I'll list the rest of what I am watching and maybe even babble about them another time...

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