Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Remembering the X-Files (I and II)

Watching the episodes of the original series from one to the last, I am slowly, gradually, subtly reminded of just how much religious referenced I had to ignore just to keep watching the mysteries beyond that one explanation so many people seem to so easily buy into. Patronizing. Pathetic. Poor writing. Even Mulder invoked god for the story line, breaking his character's agnostic presentation. The writing is really very inconsistent sometimes, which destroys the illusion of characters and leaves the same old discussion in almost every show. The writers probably think it is mandatory to reach a larger audience and keep them from throwing the towel in on all the paranormal, but that sort of pandering to the ignorant frightened masses is the antithesis of a intelligent science fiction or fantasy.

I just admit, it is getting a bit too soap-operatic for me and I am not following the story line closely enough to know what is going on in the back stories (or some of the front stories, even). This was especially true as season eight rolled along and Mulder's incorrigible drive to find the truth was missing. I think that was what drew me to the show in the first place. Season eight found Scully playing the Mulder role and a new guy who, unfortunately for him, is forever unappealing to me because he tried to be Scully. It just didn't work for me. It's sad when people don't seem to fit their characters anymore. Even worse, as with too many shows, the characters have to be stupid to get into the dangers they get into.

Even Mulder stopped following his "trust no one" creed, probably because the writers were not smart or creative enough to write better stories.

Maybe if I watched it with someone who'd discuss it, it would be more fun.