Sunday, July 11, 2010

watching, not much

though the tv is on a lot, i am not watching much except to glance up and sort of follow the re-runs listed in catching up on the revised lists on the left... though this week i caught the first new episodes of eureka and warehouse 13 and will probably catch those in first run cuz they are on at least a half dozen times a week and in free on-demand... i don't stay awake for craig as much, but can find him on youtube... wonder if he is on free on-demand too... actually, i am watching/listening to audio and video on youtube a lot more than on tv... anyway, since you are so fascinated by my tv viewing habits (is your name neilson?), i've revised the lists on the right and continue reporting just for you... and for me too, posterity, and the one, but until they get here it's just for you :)