Wednesday, September 29, 2010


star gate: universe is still as it first came across to me, a cross between several popular shows of the day, especially what i've heard of lost and that taints it for me for i never could find my way into lost as it reminded me too much of survivor and that was just a step away from big brother and all the other psuedo-reality shows that were pandering to the most banal base aspects of human stupidity and fear and stereotyping... and then there are slightly religious undertones showing through that are even worse, but that is the worst part of human creativity, the lack of it... always returning to the same fear of death and the walk into the light explanation for what happens after death, complete with angel wings for those who need them...

but it's all that's left of the star gate series, so i'll keep hoping there is less focus on the same old same old human archetypes and a chance there might be an original thought, the hope of sci-fi dreamer...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

college football

it's not as much fun as it used to be, especially watching along, but that is partially because it is early in the season and i have no ties to any school in particular and i am not playing any fantasy college games and the commercials test my limits for banality and the games are a bit boring cuz some of the popular teams are way overrated (at least in this area) and there is a wonderfully needy doggy begging non-stop for attention and exercise and sitting home along with him means he expects constant interaction and looks so sad when i want to write or watch tv or just close my eyes and relax in the living room, but he is lovable, even as a constant shadow :)

the best thing about the college football saturday was the food, new york deli ordered in by mail for the first time in more than ten years... it was an impulse late thursday night after someone on facebook reminded me that katz's deli on houston did mail order via fedex... the rest of the day was boring blowouts and a few close games where coaches made big mistakes (spurrier putting in a freshman who is not as good a passer as the veteran who was having a great game until the first five minutes of the fourth quarter) for the last two drives of the game when they were eight points behind was just dumb ego and the freshman threw two interceptions to prove the bad coaching move was a bad coaching move)...

and the commercials, sheesh, they are worse than ever... i am obviously watching too much tv lately, so that's gonna change... how have you been? :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


and yet another show on the edge of attraction (we might say the fringe, aye?) with enough possibility to keep me coming back for more, but not enough writing and character development to really become a favorite show, but it is one i want to try to watch when i am home, always hoping it takes the leap to the unknown infinity where an original thought might emerge...

hopefully, next time :)

warehouse 13

yeah, so it has some qualities that rub me a little the wrong way, but as the first season progressed and came to an end, the characters developed, though thinly, and the story became a bit more interesting... still, i watch it more for the possibilities than for the actual writing or characters so far... a lot of shows have been like this (no, we're not gonna find time for a list here either... i can barely catch up these days, as you can see by the datestamps, if yo8u notice those sort of peripheral linear things)...

maybe more will bring more later...


yes, ncis has grown into one of my favorite shows, top twenty along with, well, nineteen or so others (nyuk nyuk, you expected maybe a list?)... while the los angeles version doesn't have the same attraction for me, the original draws me in to watch regular re-runs over most any other re-run these days... there is great balance of writing and character development, especially once the ziva character joined the show (it was pretty good before, but she's got a great character and she does her well...

meanwhile, in the background, a very seldom watched face of lois lane on smallville smiles a very attractive smile when she finds out clark's secret, but then, i've always been a sucker for secret smiles... and dark sultry, oh never mind... what was i saying?... oh right, ziva is solid, yeah :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


i must admit that lately, youtube has been stiff (no pun or double entendre intended, i mean, youtube is not tube8, after all... what?) competition for the tv in recent months and you can get a bit of a taste for what i mean in the new links blog if you have the time (all we need are a few hundred hours in each day and a few hundred more years in each life, aye?)... even as i considered all the shows i might want to watch if i am home in front of the tv, the computer sits right next to the chair and often shares my attention and more often lately replaces the tv after prime time (thought there is still a bit of a draw for some celebs on letterman and craig, well, if he was on earlier i'd watch regularly, but many nights when i am awake past prime time {which is most}, youtube has me turning the tv off, especially past 2:07am (and that's what i learned on the show tonight, craig)...

snarf :)

saturday night crisis

none these days as i am usually out somewhere away from a tv on saturday nights and i don't think there's anything i feel like i'm missing...

pity, i know... snurkle :)

sunday night crisis

none at the moment, thought sunday night football and the simpsons and other fox toon shows are on, i am often drifting away from tv on sunday nights... s'pose it's a good night for catching up on reruns and on-demand stuff...

yeah, i know, boring without all the conflicts and crisises... i'll try to make it more exciting in the future, m'ok? :)

friday night crisis

there used to be friday night crisises, but i don't have easy access to the friday night listings at the moment so this post will be like a kind of placeholder (as the others may be as well)... i recall dollhouse on fridays and there was eureka until this week and there is haven for the moment, but the other shows are not coming to mind so alas, no great dramatic crisis for fridays for now...

stay tuned, or something like that (snurf :)

thursday night crisis

not much to say, with american idol and so you think you can dance gone for now, there's just one show i want to watch on thursdays and that is fringe, though the mentalist used to appeal to me (and i am not sure what replaced it, probably something jackson chooses when we watch on thursdays, but there is thursday night football that takes me away most thursday nights so i will have to catch fringe in on-demand reruns)... and then, there is football season to consider as they hand thursdasy night games on quite often... but that's all thursday night offers for now and i'd rather be playing softball :)

wednesday night crisis

apparently i watch master chef on wednesday nights when i am home and in the living room cuz jackson (and pollack) really like the show and there's nothing else on i am interested in at this point in the tv year... there is a cute young cook on the show i would not mind in my kitchen (what?... i love to eat good food... whatcha think?)...

i'll let you know if the drama of crisis comes to wednesday night in the future, but without american idol or so you think you can dance (which is one of jackson's favorites) and nothing on sci-fi, wednesday nights are kind of dull in terms of critical decisions between tv shows... sigh, alas, we can't have a crisis every night i suppose (snarkle :)

monday night crisis

there used to be heroes on mondays opposite other shows i liked so i have not watched heroes in a couple of seasons, but at the moment the listings for this week do not show the monday night crisis of television that i seem to recall (can we get any more ambivalently dramatic?... whistful must be next, no doubt)... as it stands, there's the closer and rizzoli & ilses which jackson really likes, so that's what we watch cuz even though the lead character in the closer has a personality i would aboid like the plague in real life, i like to share shows and am learning to enjoy the storylines and rizzoli & isles is one i might watch on my own, say in one of the the reruns lists (what?... no sci-fi on mondays?... there was, i swear, and it was why i stopped watching heroes once upon a time... or wait, maybe that was 24... and there is monday night football know and then, cha know... my aged swiss cheese memory is so much fun :)

there is lie to me which i used to watch now and then and i would like to catch in reruns, so there's a bit of crisis for us... stay tuned for the next episode of the monday night crisises, aye? (snarf :)

tuesday night crisis

ah, the sarcasm in the title bleeds tears of irony, or something like that... so there we are, shows on tuesday nights that i would probably watch if they weren't on opposite each other and i actually had a hundred hours each day to do all i'd like to do each day... in no particular order at the moment, there's warehouse 13, ncis, and glee and returning for the fall season (probablly bumping warehouse 13 until next season), caprica and star trek: universe (further crossing the same time-space continuum as ncis and glee...

what to do, what to do (snark :)

probably similar crisises (crisises?) on other nights if i research the tv guide, so stay tuned for the dramatic series of nightly tv crisises as the tv blog returns to life for however long it lasts this time, aye? :)


is that what tv has become, perhaps, to some extent (shiver me timbers, aye?) for the human masses and (giggly-puss?) for me?... well, as a substitute for reading as a solitary activity, that may be the case (though i still watch the same sort of stories that i would be reading if i was reading, like haven, for instance, which is based on a favorite author's (Stephen King) book Colorado Kid which i really want to read again so i can thread together the fun and games stephen and whomever else is creating haven slipped in... when i want something dark, stpehn king is my favorite non-sci-fi story-weaver...


well, not so much, at least not as all fired up excited as an exclamation point is supposed to be, but i do enjoy the theme and some of the story lines and most of all, the possibilities in the show, even though this throw-back season is not my favorite theme cuz it adds a bit too much (ok, way too much) soap opera type human drama to an otherwise quirky sci-fi techno-geek bit of fun... it did, however, bring me back to writing a few words supposedly inspired by, what else, background tv :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fascinated, no doubt

while i am watching tv with half an eye and listening with half an ear and even watching with almost both eyes and listening with both ears more often than i have in a long time because my roommate enjoys tv and i enjoy watching with someone (but we both often are somewhere else on the computers or on the phone during even the shows we both enjoy just the same), i a still only sitting in front of the tv for an hour at most before 11pm and catching up on the shows on the (if i can find time) list when i stay up past midnight and find them on the on-demand channels... i do watch more since re-installing cable, so i'll make a note to myself to find time to come here to relate whatever the tv might inspire in me cuz that's what this blog is about and it exists to continue, not to end in forgotten obscurity... i mean, in case anybody other than me wondered, aye? (smirk snicker nyuk narf)...