Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Continuing Saga of Life Without TV

Yes, the TV is still not plugged in. Being too heavy to be a functional paperweight, it remains a 55 inch, 70+ pound table decoration and occasional clothes rack. I appreciate those of you who have sympathized and even more, appreciate the recommendations for new shows. I also appreciate your valiant attempts at keeping spoilers out of my view, though some knowledge of favorite shows has trickled in and while I have not seen the episodes, I am aware of the departure of characters and a couple of show cancellations that would be rocking my world had I had the TV plugged in this season. I can still read, after all.

I know I am missing shows I really want to watch. NCIS, Bones, Castle, Elementary, Rizzoli & Isles, Dr. Who, Orphan Black, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Scorpion, Mr. Robot, The Expanse, The X-Files, Humans, Blindspot, Quantico, 12 Monkeys, Halt and Catch Fire, Zoo, Dark Matter, Supergirl, Killjoys, Rosewood, The Shannara Chronicles, Colony, The Last Ship, The Magicians, Lucifer, Stephen Colbert, . . . and many many others on the list of "being DVR'ed" shows. Then there is this list to check out, remember, or mourn. Are you out there?

Since my TV-watching partner, Jackson, moved out (she's still in love, so yay for that), it would be quite lonely to watch major changes in shows we've come to love without her (or anyone), so maybe not having a TV is for the best. I am interacting much more than ever with actually people who are not on TV, after all.

As you may have noticed, I added another list to the lists on the right sidebar. This one will list the shows I read about that I am curious about. I suppose I could have used an existing list further down the bar of lists, but hey, I'm not as organized as I might be if I took all this seriously. Feel free to organize all this somewhere if you like. Collaborate, even.

I don't think this blog has actually come up with any formal "spoiler" identifier as the writing here is not meant to be structured or anything more than my rambling distractions afforded or inspired by glancing up at the TV that provided background audio and visual simulation for me. I mean, I am not an AV Geek (though there might have been a time I might have been a wanna-be... is being a wanna-be AV Geek something beneath being an AV Geek in the hierarchy of cool? lol lam... of course it was a rhetorical question and you'd have known that had you prepared for this entry by reading all of the previous entries and the rest of the written gardens, or at least the blogs), after all. Perhaps the whole blog is a spoiler, but not in the usual sense, aye? (self-deprecating humor or some other obscure reference?... I'll leave that for you to decide as I wander on somewhere between a smirk and a smile).

Life has become quite monotonous of late, actually. I would not necessarily attribute that to lack of TV, but who knows. Not seeing Dinozzo's departure or missing the Castle's finale might have contributed to the dulling of the events and activities offline, though the lack of funds due to long term goofing off (as in not working and not really looking for a job) probably has more to do with the lack of diverse activities. Living alone helps, no doubt. It is a minor tragedy that I've had all this time to take TV watching seriously and unplugged the TV. What new shows have I missed? What old favorites have had traumatic changes? How can the world go on without me? I suppose I miss the fictional drama I used to watch, aye?

So seriously (maybe), where is all the motivation to get back into the world of fictional reality?

I'll be right here when you want to share. :)

Actually, that is a lie. I last checked into this blog a couple of months ago, or longer. For all I know, you may have stopped by and left a thousand messages only to delete them when I did not respond. Are you that capricious? Am I that teasing taunting or irreverent? Are we ever going to find a common bed for unbridled thralls of passion? Just imagine what questions we might pose if we watched TV together.

Mockery, especially self-mockery, is strong in this one.

Loneliness too.

Narf :)