Saturday, September 24, 2016


While there are some in the establishment who propose that the British Sci-Fi Comediy TV Show Misfits was just as good all five seasons, but after watching the first three seasons I agree with those who say the show sucked and really went bad after the second season. Even during the first two seasons I found it challenging to consider it Science Fiction. The science is basically absent and if logic was a smile, this show would be missing most of it's teeth. The story lines stretched the limits of logic to the point of annoyance at times. I mean, they don't even follow the proper rules of killing zombies.

The sophomoric humor provided a juvenile amusement mainly because you can tell the main character was enjoying being an obnoxious stereotype of a teenage sex-hound so much. Then, he suddenly disappeared without any reference and and was never mentioned again. His replacement seemed to try to follow in his footsteps, but several rather unpleasantries kept him from being enjoyable. First, he was a lot older so he presented must less forgivable for his misogynistic sexual hungers. He definitely did not appear to be enjoying life or himself so he was more pitiful than amusing. What started as a group of teenagers doing community service (shades of Breakfast Club blended with Heroes without as much eye candy, with less character building and bonding, and without much (if any) of the intelligence of either story line. Mix some Idiocracy or Dumb and Dumber, with less clever humor, in and we may have Misfits.

Sheer boredom and a desperate need for distraction and that often ridiculous hope for some redemption for anything as well as a few very good reviews of season five kept me sort of watching through the third season. Mostly I was typing, playing chess, reading, or falling asleep while the show was on. One annoying aspect of the show is that while it is rated MA, it is so variable in sound volume that watching it late at night is only ok if you have no one sleeping anywhere within earshot.

The first two seasons are silly fun with an amusing and potentially fascinating premise if you can get past the gratuitous sex (complete with the unrealistic Victorian practice of leaving underwear on that TV shows seem to continue) and womanizing. Season three introduces a main character way too old to be in a teenage community service group hanging out with and flashing his penis at teenagers, no less children. The missing ridiculously irresponsible teenager humor is replaced with an uncomfortable feeling way too serious for illogical soap opera the show turned into. The acting went downhill as well, not just in quality, but in the sense of fun and character development that gave the first two seasons as sense of novelty and amusement.

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