Thursday, May 30, 2013

softball is back

while the standard shows are the go-to background tv when i want sounds and visuals in the space, the women's college softball world series has begun and that will keep me company for a week or two... it's a much purer game than the nba referee dominated, egocentric, seemingly scripted, pro basketball played by a bunch of way overly entitled spoiled brats (and no pretentious marketing is going to give them the education and experience needed to have class and respect)... i much prefer to play sports than to watch, but when i do watch, i so prefer watching people playing for the love of the game and pride of the team rather than for money and ego-glory... most professional sports are reality-tv, entertainment tv at best...

anyway, watching nebraska play washington, it looks like nebraska has the slightly better team on all three levels (pitching, hitting, and fielding), though i've got to question a couple of the coaching calls on the nebraska side... both team pitchers seem to have a lot of nerves because there have been a lot of walks and hit batters... i don't think either team is going too far in this world series, but both are scrappy... after watching the first five innings, the washington bats need to wake up if they want a chance... nebraska has the edge in fielding for sure... the washington infield plays too deep and does not get the ball to first fast enough, while the nebraska infield is much better at all of the fundamentals... both are upset winners just to be in the world series and are a toss up to win this series... nothing to do with the game, but it is an interesting to see that most of the washington team seems hawaiian... anyway, being home a lot has it's perks... i shall enjoy watching this world series this year...

so much time on my hands - and loving every minute of it :)

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