Saturday, May 19, 2012


ever notice how utterly repressed scully was in the x-files?... i mean, she had all of these haunting issues and did so much to distract herself with pseudo-science (the show really had no science in it, i mean, compare it with csi or ncis, it was geared toward conspiracy theory lovers and people who probably watch all the ghost and paranormal shows now... i wonder sometimes, now that time has passed and i see reruns in a different light, why i liked it so much... it was in that film noir stylee i supposed that made it a bit intriguing, but the acting, well, as much as i loved mulder and scully at the time, was pretty flat, stoic, and adversarial... so different than the family devotion feeling the acting and characters share in ncis...i guess it was the odd storylines that bordered on on outer limits and other exploration of the unknown shows that i enjoy... maybe i felt a little sorry for scully and related to the quixotic quest for truth that mulder portrayed... the government conspiracy stuff gets old fast for me, but it played it's role in the attraction from time to time...

oh well, stuck here with my injured foot i am watching way too much tv and overall, tv has been unsatisfying for me today, but x-files going down the tube?... maybe watching a dozen episodes would return the show back to it's top ten place in my list of favorite hows, but i think for now, it drops out... not that this is earth shaking news or anything, but then, this is just my background tv blog, so what did you expect? :)

thank goodness for youtube :)

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