Thursday, May 10, 2012

there's always ncis

seems that no matter how many times i've seen them, i will choose ncis reruns over most other background tv every evening when i actually turn on the tv... though the final three on idol might catch my eye for a moment... the one i picked way back when is still there, though she might not be old enough to reach the top spot, she's made and i am satisfied, knowing the business the business gives kids and what the show is looking for... but it is the characters on ncis that draw me in because the core theme is they care about each other so much that they would die for each other...

like really seriously close family, or so it seems...

it appeals to that deep part of me that longs for such bonds... imagining they are real is as close as i get these days... how's that for something deep and heavy and meaningful and personal out of background tv? :)

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