Saturday, June 25, 2011

never liked leno

not from the very beginning, his humor was patronizing and condescending and his insecure ego always spoiled his comedy for me, but then, that could just be my imagination... or my perception, being me and all... anyway, tonight he again showed me why i don't watch him even though i used to love the tonight show... it was so obvious that nbc forced the four finalists from the voice on him as he disregarded and dismissed their performances with a cursory calling of their name introduction and then leaving them unmentioned (and even cutting them off) when he went back to talking with his guests... he is such a turn off for me that i don't even watch when someone i like is on his show because he ruins it for me with his disrespect and phoniness... and he did it again tonight... he won't be on the tube again by my choice...

dia, meanwhile, was so nervous, stiff, and incongruous... they dress her up like a conservative little kid from the sixties and then she sings an alternative anthem from the nineties on a show for grandmothers, definitely not good marketing... she should have done a song from the audience's generation or at least a throw-back like time after time that javier did... oh well, another blown opportunity cuz she just isn't ready, but someday, hopefully, she will get it and her magic will burst out just right...

i can see it, which is why i watch her... even on leno :)

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