Monday, May 15, 2017

New Space Again

Watching Legion tonight. I like the music made by the group called Legion, but they are two different experiences and I am enjoying the TV show. The opening of the fourth episode was interesting. Empathy vs Fear. Enjoying the ride so far.

Meanwhile, in this new space (different from the last new space, but in some ways the same), I don't watch as much TV. I work full time now, leaving a lot less TV time. Mostly it is the same shows, with a few new ones. I am marking this time here for when I have the time to cull through the listings to list what I watch here.

Missing a TV watching friend.
and chapter five held a sweet surprise
that woke up something deep inside
the child still wonders what is real
when we are not afraid to feel
remembering the fine line between fantasy and reality
in the magic of believing, anything can be

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