Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I definitely love looking at Katherine McFee's face and body from a variety of angles and I relate to the alienation and unique perspective that genius can present in this world and Scorpion provides both. That may be enough to keep me watching in spite of the stupidity of the writers. The obvious, contrived plot movements are ridiculous and sometimes challenging to listen to in spite of the visual candy. The episode ar Chernobyl may have crossed that line of contrived stupidity I can tolerate. Even McGyver had more credibility with his make-shift escapes that pushed the limits of physics beyond logic amd there was not a whole lot of science in that show. This has become The A-Team with big words.

I guess I could take watching this show week to week because the contrived plot movements and scientific stupidity did not pile up as much as it is piling up watching more than a few episodes in a row. I know it is partly because of the way these supposed geniuses are portrayed as emotional inepts without using any logical explanations (like savant autism, for instance). That is just one of the flaws in the writing that leads to so little character development in spite of the dramatic-effect discussions that delay action at critical times. In almost every scene, the stupidity just gets worse.

The emotional stupidity and immaturity is bad enough, but the flawed logic of supposed geniuses points to the writers and producers and cast ignorance or assumption and acceptance that their audience is as ignorant and illogical as they are. Like just one example, why couldn't Walter knock Collins out instead of listening to him for almost a minute and letting him go? To push the emotional development of Walter and then fix that by pushing even further to catch him? Stupid.

So little intelligence or logic in a story about geniuses.

Eye candy. Is it worth it?

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