Saturday, February 7, 2015

tv and me

this entry will sort of summarize but mostly list the tv shows currently on the dvr and the tube most as memory can recall... ncis (wiki, wikia) has become like family in spite of the theme and macho patriotic tones that perpetuate fear, hate, and war within us and all around us... dr. who (usa, youtube, wiki, wikia, wikia 2) has risen from etended family to close family mostly due to jenna (wiki)... and just like that i am tired of linking (though i like the idea of a comprehensive linage page of all the shows i want to research or remember) and thinking about which shows i dvr and watch so the fifteen minutes are up... reference, get it?... tv generation attention span... more later if this wort of motivation returns... until then, see the right side lists... or watch your tv, it's always on in the background, after all...

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