Saturday, November 15, 2014

classical distraction

in hundreds of years, or more, students of classical literature will be analyzing (and watching and reading) i dream of jeanne and bewitched and other cultural creativities of the twentieth century and seriously, with lines like it's the most comfortable drawer i ever slept in and ..., how can it have not become a literary classic... or is that a cult classic... hey, ever heard of a guy named shakespeare?... ovid?... god?... the world was once flat, you know?... nobody understands me, really, but we can fake it if you are adorably wanting to and at least passable for public display according to my quite narrow libido or have an irresistible personality without too many stupid suicidal tendencies... hey, at least i'm not this guy who doesn't joke about insulting everyone and pushing the world away... you really don't this (e)thereal blog is all about the actual daily happenings in the real world physical life, do you?... naturally there is a great deal of distraction during the long nights spent alone at home saving pennies for retirement, you know?...

wait, this is not that blog, is it?... well, nevermind then...

narf :)

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