Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cute funny

glancing up at the tv as i scanned through the late night talk circuit i found myself, not for the first time lately, torn between craig, jimmy, and jimmy... dave always trumps jay, just cuz jay's personality is not funny (both have egos a bit too big for themselves, but dave sits on his better)... nobody is johnny, but jimmy fallon is adorable funny and jimmy kimmel is surprisingly funny and craig, well, craig is is craig and besides being ridiculous, he's juvenile funny... tonight vanessa hudgens and selena gomez were on different shows and besides being masters of smoking hot innocence, selena is actually funny (or at least she goes along with funny scripts really well)... the song she and fallon did should get more play... so eye candy and humor was fun background tv tonight...

see, there could be a background tv entry almost every night if i was so moved to record my reaction to whatever is on the tv when i glance up at the plasma screen... aren't you glad i'm not so moved? lol lam laa latv :)

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