Thursday, June 14, 2012

who's got mail?

sleepless in seattle is even more a favorite and i melt at city of angels because meg ryan melts me because she has a mix of adorable and cute and wise and naive and vulnerable and strength and innocence and sensuality and visually, she melts me more than most people i see... so instead of falling asleep when i desperately ought to be sleeping i am watching adorableness and fairy tale romance (though in a fairy tale he would buy the little shop around the corner, restock it, and present it to her as a wedding gift after putting a sign up in his big book supermarket that the children's book store is the little shop around the corner... maybe that's how the sequel ends?

shhhhh, maybe they'll make it later :)

1 comment:

  1. You sum up the appeal of Meg Ryan perfectly!
    Meg's been my favourite actress for so many years. she melts me in all those films you mention, plus When Harry Met Sally , Prelude To a Kiss and Flesh and Bone which is my personal favourite.

    I hope you're not too tired today after staying up to watch You've Got Mail.
    Bring on the sequel:)