Monday, February 8, 2010

movies and the superbowl

a few entries could have been written here as movies and other tv has passed through the background and amused or distracted me in the past week, along with the usual tv that can hold my attention (i could have sworn i made a list somewhere... ah, yes, on the right side of this blog, silly me, i forget so easily... come to think of it, i may have missed a 24 and definitely haven't been catching caprica since i do not have the sci-fi channel and i don't catch every craig ferguson cuz i do try to get to sleep before 1am at least once a week, but anyway, i occasionally catch some of the ones on the list just below that and whatever, like anybody's talking tv shows with me these days, right?... like anybody even knows i'm alive out here on the web, right?... like anybody would join my little self-pity party, right?... what?... you didn't get your invitation? :P :}

ok, so the superbowl caught some of my attention as it played in the nackground as i was packing and cleaning cuz i am moving tomorrow, which is just a matter of hours from now, today, actually, but after the sun rises... pretty good game, though i didn't watch it closely enough to be too critical... the gample the defensive back took on the interception that pretty much iced the game was well done as they were blitzing, but if payton had kept his head and floated the ball... always the what ifs... the gamble worked, as it did against farve (though farve might have been less of a gamble), and that defensive back should get some accolades for doing his job so well...

surprised to see bush get so little playing time, but when the coach finally gave drew brees the ball to do his thing, he did it well... and now, back to packing and cleaning...

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