Thursday, April 26, 2012

watching more again

a bit more, at least... and here i am again letting you know just in case you want to come over and watch with me... i mean, someday we'll be old and have little more energy than needed for tv watching... or maybe we'll break a leg together (grumbles) or some such fun... between playing the game (ncaa football, i mean, where have you been?)... monday nights sci-fi (being human and lost girl, not top favs, but occasionally interesting enough to keep me coming back when i remember and am here) and tuesday nights ncis mostly... and now, eureka is back, though as i mentioned, disappointing so far... ncis reruns occupy the background more than anything mostly because i enjoy the characters and some interesting plot lines for a cop show, still, mostly the characters... the mentalist and stargate:sg1 falls in there too... reruns, mostly... relating to characters is what attracts me most to tv shows... not just for the visual cuteness or libido, interactions that seem like genuine trust and caring is very appealing to the part of me who enjoys imaginary friends...

what?... you don't have imaginary friends? :)

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