Friday, April 27, 2012

bad sci-fi

bad acting and worse writing has occupied the tv for the last hour or few... sci-fi channel movies can be so very terribly put together... i guess sci-fi fans in general have low critical standard or this station would never survive... cliche's like teenagers will save the world... there must be boy girl, cute and without excess body fat, of course... and clothing partially torn off whenever possible... and each have a parent lost and alone who fall in love with each other after the kids save them, naturally (or else we need the estranged parents who are brought back together in the end)... and this is especially good with brilliant misunderstood kids in trouble or in school detention cuz you've got to disregard rules and break stuff to save the world, right?... i mean, you really must be ready for the next extinction level event, right?... fear-based everything attracts most humans i suppose... i prefer hitchhiker's guide walkabouts and the less violent alternative perspective sci-fi found in some of heinlein, bradbury, and asimov, personally... but they did not need contorted reasoning and ridiculously illogical events to set up momentary visual effects (usually unnecessary and often that have nothing to do with the story) and actually had imaginations... for me, tv sci-fi (syfy, now) is a bit of eye candy in the background and an occasional interesting idea put into a story... tonight bad sci-fi distracts me from foot pain that keeps me stuck sitting here... elevate, ice, rest, bad sci-fi...

would rather play with you :)

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