Friday, April 1, 2011

yeah, friends

lol, yup, that's life in my head these days, or years, to be more precise... the past year or so, especially since jackson moved in (two years or so then?), the characters on ncis have become friends (cuz we share the show and it's always more fun to get into a show with a real world frield) in that sense of i care about them and want them to be real and stay in this life (even if they never become real offline)... they remind me of people i once knew, a little, even though there's not a pure libbo fantasy on the show...

it's also that the show is on several nights a week for most of the evening and i didn't watch it while it was on... so i relax when i get a few nights a week with my ncis friends play their parts in the show while cooking or cleaning or browsing the web or whatever... it's reached a point where i find an episode i've seen about every third episode, or maybe every fourth episode, but more and more, reruns... alas, it will come to an end eventually, but until it does, every new episode is getting to know my friends better...

some days are like that (life is illusion, after all :)

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