Monday, November 12, 2012

firefly and serenity

it is the year 2517... firefly was born and was cancelled, but it would not die... and i stayed awake a lot later than is wise on a work night to watch the 10 year reunion for two primary reasons... the first, i loved the show... and the second, libbo candy... each one of the women on the show turned me on in different ways on different levels, but four were serious food for libbo (libido) and two of the top twenty people libbo enjoys looking at and then there's summer glau and she is one of those faces and styles and giggles that will bring me to want to watch anything she does (at least ten people do that to libbo and if you want to know more, see here... Joss Whedon is one of the sci-fi geniuses and in spite of his trollop into vampire killing and the whole vampire story, his mind is fascinating... i'd like to play board games with him and wil wheaton and a few other people, so the whole attraction to this story is not just for eye candy, it's for brain candy too... even though it barely broke even at the box offive, it still has a following at comicom... and the fan base remains loyal and may still be growing... so much more can be written for so many reasons... perhaps someday...

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