Saturday, September 29, 2012

new eye candy

as amazingly attractive her wide eyed sultry lips may be, my first impression is that she is a very poor choice for psychiatrist for haven or anywhere, especially when the writers do not appear to have a clue about how much mental discipline and intelligence and insight it takes to become a psychiatrist - not to mention the out of character insecurity of bragging about the universities that provided the degrees and appearing to be threatened by social workers - and breaking patient confidentiality was the last straw, if you follow the continuity of realistic thought here, but then, what do i know, i might have a ten pound tumor in my head instead of a brain, or in each kidney, for that metter, and another five pounder in my neck that not even obama's health plan would cover cuz it's not really a tumor but glands not of this world (robert klein would understand, heinlein, adams, king, maybe even asimov and bradbury, but anyway) rarely does sci-fi (or syfy, for that matter) go after the intellectual sci-fi enthusiast these days, what with all the scare tactics (ghosts, spookies, paranormals, ufos, not to mention wrestling) selling so well to the mases, so don't go telling me i don't know what i am talking about unless you do, or something like that... did i mention that the additional eye candy makes haven rise on the list of shows i want to catch when i can?...

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