Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what do we expect?

with a theme song that includes you can always sleep through work tomorrow (which he co-wrote and even sings himself) the brilliance of craig ferguson's manipulation of nocturnal and closet rebel america with cute puppetry and clever irony and sophmoric fart jokes and best-friend secret winks, double-entendre smirks, intimate collective conversations with the audience, mocking sensuality, and are you serious? mugging at the camera all the while slipping subtrifuge in the way of intelligent incites disguised as irreverent sarcasm and comedy (which includes his nightly it's a great day for america everybody, naturally) and the sense of belonging and agreeing in his coyly pleading i know, we agree to be mocked as he mocks himself and forget how late it is...

or maybe i'm his only viewer?

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