Friday, June 6, 2014

making excuses for lebron

that seems to be an important part of the job description for no matter what happens, it's never lebron james fault... kudos to the miami coach for not using the temperature as an excuse... that is why he has won so much, he opposes excuses most of the time... but the excuses and favoritism and special treatment that amounts to breaking of rules that lebron gets is a stain on every win miami has had since he got there... tonight the air conditioning in the arena broke down and thousands of fans and every single player had to endure 90+ degree heat and lebron james was the only player who could not complete the game... the king, the greatest athlete, the leader of the nba, he was the only one who could not deal with the heat... irony?... the heat come from the hottest city in the country and are the much younger team with supposedly much better athletes and their best player could not take the heat... and nobody is pointing out that every other player made it through the game... so was every other athlete's body was in better shape than lebron james, the king?... just another farce in the nba soap opera... how about questioning how performance enhancing drugs lead to more muscle cramping?... yeah, whatever, drama is easy... playing the game is what matters... street ballers everywhere are wondering why the nba players and lebron especially get so much respect when they are over-paid pampered prima donnas who simply, can't take the heat...

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