Saturday, June 8, 2013

looking ahead

i explored a half dozen lists of upcoming tv shows and checked out what to look forward to on the television over the coming months and beyond today... i probably missed something but the shows i want to check out and the shows i might check out if i have the time are listed below and updated on the right sidebar... this first list are the shows i want to check out at least once...
Believe (NBC)
In The Flesh (BBC)
Intelligence (CBS)
Mind Games (ABC)
Resurrection (ABC)
The Crazy Ones (CBS)
The Hundred (CW)
The Tomorrow People (CW)
Under the Dome (CBS)

the Crazy Ones stars Robin WIlliams, nuf said... Under the Dome is based on a Stephen King story, again, nuf... Spielberg has a hand in another on the list and JJ Abrams yet another, but ultimately it's the concepts that have these shows on this list... most are psychological, supernatural, or futuristic science fiction themes (as if that surprises anyone who knows me)... a couple (In The Flesh and Resurrection) explore the zombie theme in a normalized setting - the zombies are not killing and eating people, but rather being assimilated back into society), not my favorite theme, but curiosity has me wanting to see how the assimilation aspect is treated... Believe and The Tomorrow people are themed around the potential powers of the mind beyond what we commonly know or can do today... Intelligence and Mind Games are based in psychology with some sci-fi psy-tech tossed in... The Hundred is based in a post-apocalypse future...

and the ones i might check out if i have the time:
24: Live Another Day (FOX)
Almost Human (FOX)
Area 51 (AMC)
Back in the Game
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
Joe Rogan Questions Everything
Michael J Fox Show (NBC)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC)
Primeval: New World (BBC)
Rake (FOX)
Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
Star-Crossed (CW)
Wayward Pines (FOX)

and while not all of the ones on the second list have science fiction or psychological themes, many do and the few that don't have a twist i want to see play out in an episode or few... if i can actually check them all out i've obviously got too much time on my hands, but chances are only a couple or few will climb into the top list on the right sidebar of the tv blog... hey, it's a tough job but i would do it if they paid me enough (if i actually watch a few hours of tv a week, that's a lot... but it stays on in the background a lot when music isn't playing, so i select what i want to enter my brain subliminally with some measure of careful scientific study, ya know?...

and shows i have not made time for but would check out if i could see the pilot and catch up:
Bates Motel
Falling Skies (TNT)
Once Upon a Time (ABC)
The Blacklist

so what do you watch (or wanna check out) on television?...

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