Saturday, April 13, 2013

keeping up much?

ah, the ultimate (penultimate?... is that a writer's ultimate?... pen, ya see) question... yes, to the new shows in the background on tv that have me looking up to watch more than usual are the new dr. who because eye candy works to get my attention and the mystery of the meaning behind the girl twice dead is intriguing enough to keep me interested and orphan black has eye candy and the mystery of who all these clones are (yeah, they let it slip way too early that this was a clone story and not a multiple personality story... it would have been much much better if they kept that mystery going longer... and if they can find their way back to it kind of in a sixth sense way, well, that would be sweet... it helps that bbc puts these shows on a lot, especially in the middle of the night when nothing else is on, but the eye candy and potential story line has me looking for it...

there are other shows i look and i'll update the sidebar eventuall, but these two lead the way for the moment... what are you watching, almost watching, lostening to, or whatever? :)

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