Sunday, October 30, 2011

not just tv anymore

as it has happened in the past, i have turned off the regularly broadcasted tv and switched to the video game world... i connected the xbox about six days ago and may have watched ten minutes of tv, briefly during parts of meals, since last tuesday evening when i connected the new toy... ncaa college footbal has absorbed my audio-video time (and most all my other free time as well... also sleep time as i did not sleep the first night, tuesday into wednesday, and slept only two hours last night (only cuz i had softball to play today and did not want to hurt myself more than i might on no sleep... this game so beats out tv for me, at least for a while... i may wane in my absorption sometime next month, maybe... time will tell... and when time tells me, i'll tell you, cuz you were just dying to know, right?...

nyuk nyuk narf :)

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